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Update - July 19, 2014, it seems that the officers and members of the Tucson EVA2 want another website, so they are abandoning this one. Which is sad, I've put a lot of time, effort and energy, and $$ into this. But as the french say that's life.

At one point when the J1772 EVSE's were being rolled out here in Tucson, nationwide there was not too much info, so I made a J1772 webpage and it became the place for info about the J1772 Standard, I was getting hundreds of hits a day. I got so interested in the J1772 and bought a couple of them from China for the TEVA2 members use. It turned into a business which is going strong today, www.TucsonEV.com

So I'm not sure what I'm going to do here. They never informed me of what they were going to do. When Dave became the new president in 2011,I told him and the other officers that I'd be more than happy to make any changes to the website, but nobody ever gave me any new info or content, except the few scheduling changes.

[Personally I think that some of the members have control issues and just wanted to have total control of the webpage so they created a new one.]

Well good luck.

Don't forget free charging at all Bookman's and Bookman’s Sports Exchange

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